This listing is for one Build your own thin collar/choker like the one pictured.

About This Listing This listing is for one Build your own thin collar/choker like the one pictured. The collar will come with only a silver bell unless an extra charm is purchased along with the collar. Please visit the "Upgrades" section of our website.
Processing Time 8-10 weeks before the item is shipped. Once the item is shipped you will be receiving a tracking number which you can use to track the shipment on the USPS website.
How to order
Step 1 INNER LINING: Select which lining you would like placed over the webbing on the inner side of your collar. Pink fleece is pictured.
Step 2 OUTTER RIBBON: Select the color of the pleated ribbon that is behind the middle ribbon.
Step 3 MIDDLE RIBBON: Select which ribbon you would like placed in the center of your collar/choker.
Step 4 BOW RIBBON: Select which color you would like the bow above the O-ring to be.
Step 5 NECK SIZE: This is your neck measurement
Step 6 CLOSURE OPTION: If you select "Ribbon Ties" you will receive a 24" long, double-sided satin ribbon which you can use to tie your collar onto your neck. If you select " Heart Lock (Pink)" You will also receive a pink heart lock with a set of two keys. Please note that we WILL NOT accept a return if the collar does not fit. Please read the collar measurements and make sure that the collar would fit comfortably around your neck when locked.
Step 7 LACE TRIM: Select which color lace trim you would like added to your collar/choker. You can select "None" if you prefer no lace trim added. Please mention if you would like the lace to be pleated so that it flares out a little or flat.
Step 8 Add to cart =D
Cancellation/Refund Policy
Cancellation/Refund Policy If you decide to cancel your order after it has been placed you will only receive a 75% refund of the total price paid. We will keep 25% of the entire price paid as compensation for our time and supplies used. This is because our items are hand crafted and custom made. By purchasing this listing you agree to these terms

Build-Your-Own Thin Pleated collar/choker

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